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Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya): It was firstly built in 347 AC by Konstatin and rebuilt by Empire

Justinan’s after its destruction by a fire. It has been turned into a mosque after Turks invaded the city. Now it is useed as a museum.

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed): This mosque is placed in the southeast of Sultan Ahmed Square which was called Hippodrome before. It was built between the years 1609-1616 by Sultan Ahmed. Its known as blue mosque because of blue painted 21.000 quartz tiles.

Topkapi Palace: It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet between 1465 and 1478. Its now used as a museum. Especially valuable stone and old Turkish gun collections are attractive.

Hippodrome: It was built in 2nd century has a capasity of 35.000 seats with its 400 meters lenght and 120 meters width. Here cart races, circus shows and gladiator games were held in name of the king.

Grand Bazaar: It was first built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461-1481 in order to refresh the city commerce. There are 10.000 shops and more than 50 types of occupation inside the bazaar which was the center of commerce of the city.


***  Topkapi Palace is Closed on every Tuesday.

– This tour includes; Professional tour guide, VIP midibus, museum tickets, private transfers,


After your private cappadocia tour, with 1 hour domestic flight, we can take you to Cappadocia for a private Cappadocia Daily tour or one night you can stay. Please contact with us.

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